Importance of Diwali

Diwali Festival is not only celebrated in India. Other people around the world also recognize this Hindu event. This festival of light is not only a time to have fun but a time to remember the heroic acts of the gods and goddesses who saved the people from evil. Diwali significance must be kept in mind to fully enjoy the blessings it bring.



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Diwali Meaning and Significance

Why do we really have to celebrate the Diwali Festival? Different reasons will be given to you if you ask this question. And some of the answers are mythical and historical reasons.

  • First, we celebrate the Diwali because this day is considered the birthday of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. She was believed to have incarnated on the new moon day of the Kartik month while the ocean is churning.
  • Second, Lord Vishnu had rescued Lakshmi in his fifth incarnation from King Bali this day.
  • Third, Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakasur and rescued the sixteen thousand women he captured on the day preceeding the Diwali. The celebration of this freedom went on for two days including the Diwali day as a victory festival.
  • Fourth, King Vikramaditya was coronated on the Diwali day.
  • Fifth, Maharshi Dayananda, the founder of Arya Samaj, has attained his nirvana on this day.
  • Sixth, the Pandavas returned from their twelve years of banishment as a result of their defeat on the hands of the Kauravas in a gambling game of dice. Those who love the Pandavas celebrate this day by lighting earthen lamps.
  • Seventh, Lord Rama has victoriously returned to Ayodhya from triumphantly vanquishing Ravana on the new moon day of Kartik and had conquered Lanka. The people decorate the entire city with earthen lamps.
  • Eight, the Diwali became a very special day for the Sikhs. This day has been proclaimed as the Red Letter Day by the third Sikh Guru Amar Das, wherein all the Sikhs gather together and receive the Gurus blessings.
  • Ninth, the founder of modern Jainism Mahavir Tirthankar has attained his nirvana on this day also.
  • Tenth, Pope John Paul II has given a speech about the festival of light in a Eucharistic Celebration he celebrated in an Indian church during the Diwali Festival in 1999.

Truly, Diwali is a very meaningful celebration for the Indians around the world. The breathtaking fireworks display and merriment are not the sole reasons why people are looking forward to this festivity. More of the motivations are the historical and mythical grounds.