Independence Day of India

India Got its freedom from colonial British rule on the midnight of 15th August 1947. From 15th of August 1947 India has become free country again after centuries of colonial rule.

India Before colonialism

In the 16th and 17th centuries India was very rich country because of its agricultural product and minerals. Western countries always wanted to establish trade with India and after so much of efforts, British, French, and Dutch were able to establish the trade with India. To conduct their own trades each of these countries established their trading company in India. Out of them the east India Company which was established in Calcutta by British people was most powerful.

That time India was ruled by local kings and their families. Only major king was Mogul emperor who ruled the Delhi and surroundings. However the Hindu Rajput kings of Rajasthan always used to fight with the Muslim mogul emperor. This was always lead to religious divide and lead to weakening of all kingdoms. Also the British people came here when the power of mogul emperor were already weekend by the infightings. More over these Local kings used to fight them self for capturing others land. This lead the weak kings to approach the East India Company and asking protection from them, as they had superior modern army and weapons. Britishers happily agreed to protect these kings in return of accepting British supremacy and hefty protection tax. The kings agreed as they had lot of money initially, but only to find them self in a miserable situation later since their treasury was getting empty fast due to the heavy tax they had to pay to British people. Gradually almost all of India has fallen either directly under the British rule as they used to take over the accuired land themselves instead of giving the land to winning king in any battle or through the kings who accepted their supremacy.

Opposition by Indians:

As the kings were not able to pay the hefty taxes which were imposed on their kingdom they started to increase the tax on people. Which lead people to start protest against the British rule. Lot of kingdoms with the supports of his people tried to fight with British people, but was easily overpowered by the superior force of British army.

First war Indian independence:

In 1857 under the leader ship of queen of Zanci and some other local kings started the war against British rule. The soldiers in Indian British army refused to fight with these kings instead they joined with these freedom fighters. However they were defeated by the mighty British army mobilized from other areas. Also these kings were not had any common goal for this fight.

British called it sepoy mutiny (soldiers uprising) to ridicule this movement. The term First war of Indian independence has been popularized by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar a popular Hindu activist and freedom fighter.

Indian Independence move:

After the 1857 first independence war the patriotism in India has started growing up. People started thinking of India instead of Local kingdom. This has lead to creation of Indian national congress which has started fighting against British rule. Indian national congress had very able leaders like Bala gangadhar tilak, Sarda Vithalbhai patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji subhash chandrabose and Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s orating skills created a wave of patriotism across the India. Gandhi who understood for British to rule India co-operation from Indians are very necessary and he started non-cooperation strike which effectively stopped the state mechanism. And British people were forced to leave India due to this. By this time the Indian Muslims who were also conducting freedom fight along with congress, has started a separate nation for Muslims which lead India’s division as India and Pakistan.

Celebration of Indian Independence Day:

India celebrates Indian Independence Day on 15th of August on every year. On this day there will be military parades in New Delhi and states capital. Schools and Government offices will be on Holiday.

Wishes on Indian Intendance day:

Normally Indians send Independence Day greeting cards on 15th of August. Lot of on line greeting card companies is providing good Independence Day cards.