Malayalam Christmas Songs

Christmas is the biggest festival celebrating all over the world irrespective of language, country and Culture. Christmas is celebrating for the Birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus is considered kindest man ever lived in the world, he even in the crucified condition, prayed to forgive the people who have crucified him. As the Christian religion spread, the Christmas and its celebration also spread all over the world. However, the method and celebration of Christmas changes from place to place and culture to culture. The Christian missionaries have adopted the local culture in order to spread the religion fast without conflicting the religion and belief of the local people.

Christmas and Kerala:

Kerala is a tiny state of India. The Language in Kerala is Malayalam.The Christian population is considerably strong there contributing 19.0% of total population.  So the Christmas also celebrating all over Kerala. The main attraction is the Christmas Crib which will made showing the incidents on the birth of Jesus Christ. Normally the replica of the crib with wise men and parents of Jesus etc will be made. In addition, they will hang one Christmas star over the crib to announce the Christmas to world.

Celebration of Christmas in Kerala

Normally people will hang Christmas stars by the start of December. In addition, carols will be roaming all Christian houses on December. It is a joyful event for kids and youths. Lot of Malayalam Christmas carol songs are available for Christmas. All these carol songs have been beautifully tuned in the carol rhythm. Lot of Christmas Malayalam mp3 songs are available in Internet for downloading.

Malayalam Christmas carol songs:

Malayalam Christmas carol songs are normally available in CDs or can be downloaded from the web. Lot of karaoke versions of Malayalam Christmas carol also now available. You have to visit some Malayalam music website to down load Malayalam Christmas songs.

Christmas Greetings:

Lot of websites Use Christmas carols in Christmas Greetings while making flash animated ecards. You can find some Malayalam Christian cards with Malayalam Christmas carol at some Malayalam based card website.