Half Birthday

When I was studying the keywords I was really astonished to find the world half birthday. I have heard about 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, 21st birthday, 40th birthday and 60th birthday. But I never before heard of any half birthday.

60th Birthday:

I think in India in olden days people used to celebrate only 60th birthday. Because in my memory I can’t recall any 1st birthday, or 2nd birthday celebration I have attended on my child hood. But I can still remember lot of 60th birthdays which I attended when I was a small kid. If you look back, it looks so funny that all those old people whom we used to disturb with our maximum capacity and ability as a kid, are calling us for celebrating their 60th birthday as their guests. (Off course they were calling us because they can’t avoid us since they have to call our parents – In fact they were calling our parents and we were bonus along with that invitation).

I think in those days those people used to conduct their 60th birthday to show their power and position in society. In an olden family setup where all family members were staying together and the control of money and food was with the oldest man in family (called Karanavar in Malayalam), who used to walk with a big key bunch of the food store of the house. So even if you want to celebrate your son’s or daughter’s first birthday there was no way to do that. And when that old man decided to celebrate his 60th birthday there was no way to abscond it, as it may affect you and your families daily food supply.

Half birthday in Wikipedia:

When I came across the half birthday word the first thing I have done was Google for that word. As I expected the Wikipedia was the first result. Some smart man or humorous man has written a clear and well definition for half birthday. I really salute that volunteer who has done it.

He explains that half birthday is celebrated “is a day six months before or after the real anniversary of a person’s birth” (Birthday). Very good definition indeed. And He says the people who normally celebrating the half birthday is the people born near Christmas since their original birthday can be less important due to Christmas celebration. Also Wikipedia explains that half birthday also used to celebrate by the school attending kids whose birthday is on school holiday.

May be the second explanation we can digest given with kids psychology who expects his or her birthday to celebrate with friends and teachers. But I think the other people who celebrate their half birthday is a modern avatar of the old people who deny 1st birthday of a kid and celebrate their own 60th birthday.

Birthday Cards:

Unfortunately I could not find any half birthday cards on the internet. But the below sites is having some good birthday card.