Diwali Poems

Diwali is a fun festival in India. Many activities and festivities are held during this festival of light. People celebrate the Diwali festival in different forms. Some prepare Diwali sweets and decorating their home. Some start to shop for Diwali gifts and treats. Some are busy assembeling Diwali Lakshmi puja. Some are making Rangoli designs. It’s indeed a fun and cheerful hindu Festival.



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Diwali Poems / Poems on Diwali

To immerse yourself with the spirit of Diwali festival, aside from songs and Diwali aarti, poetry is another good option. Some of the diwali poems signify the true meaning of Diwali, while some describes its celebration. But one thing is for sure, Diwali poems are fun to read and can be used in different forms – be it diwali card messages or Diwali gift tag note. Here are some free Diwali poems created by Anne Walker.

True Essence of Diwali
By: Anne Walker

Diwali is here!
The festival of light and cheer
People burst firecracker
Hoping their life to be merrier

But keep in mind the true essence of Diwali
And enjoy the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
For diwali is the time for light.
Overcoming darkness and come to bright.

Festival of Light
By: Anne Walker

Diwali – the festival of light.
Kids and families are out and bright
For this day is the day
When darkness was defeated by light.

Fun on Diwali
By: Anne Walker

Rows of diyas,
Lovely rangoli designs,
Grand feasting and festivities of light,
Diwali is truly fun and brings delight.

Bless us Goddess Lakshmi
By: Anne Walker

Bless us Goddess Lakshmi,
May you Bring us joy and prosperity,
Peace, happiness, making us jolly,
Strength and hope that last for eternity.

Goddess of beauty and wealth,
Strengthen our soul, mind and health.
We praise you all the way,
Throughout the years, day to day.

What is Diwali
By: Anne Walker

What is diwali,
Most people ask,
Is it just the fun and festivity,
Sound of singing and firecrackers that blast?

What is Diwali
Here’s the true meaning,
Darkness was destroyed by the light,
Freed us from fear and fright

Rama conquered Ravana
And saved his wife Sita,
Return to their kingdom Ayodha,
And welcomed with rows of Diya

It’s not just about the sweets and fun,
Answer must be realized by us, man.
On diwali, let’s recognize our sin,
Repent and start a new beginning.