Diwali Diya

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated by putting up bright and colorful lights in one’s homes. The rows of light coming from the traditional oil lamp illuminate the homes of Hindu community. One source of light used is the traditional Indian earthen lamp, diya. It is usually used in aarti, a ritual of worship, where the lit diya is offered to the gods and goddesses.



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The Tradition of Lighting Diyas

In Diwali, diyas are used to light up homes and premises. It is usually made up of clay and filled up with ghee or vegetable oils and then the wick, more often cotton, is lit to provide lighting. However, with the introduction of candles as a substitute, and arrival of more competition, diyas made of other materials are now available. Some of the diyas present in the market are made of blue pottery and metal. With the trend in designer materials, designer diyas can even be seen in stores. Traditional diyas can also be decorated for use in the festival for a more personalized touch.

Decorating Diwali Diyas

  • Clay diyas can be painted with different colors. Acrylic paint can be used for this purpose. Various shapes and images can be painted on it instead of painting it one solid color to give it a more eye-catching appeal.
  • Broken colored or small decorative glass can be glued on the lamps. When the light is reflected on the mirrors, it will give off bright and different colored lights that are pleasing to the eye. Metal diyas are usually used as a base as the glass can easily stick onto its surface.
  • Dough can also be used to make a very personalized diya. Letting the creative juices flow when crafting the dough into the shape and size can produce a nice and totally unique diya. The finished product can be painted with poster or acrylic paint.
  • Fresh rose petals can also be added when making the dough. The petals will incorporate in the dough mix and will add natural color and design to the finished product. The scattered petals will give a unique and one of a kind look to the diya.
  • Ceramic clays can also be used as a decorative ornament. Different shapes and designs can be made out of the ceramic clay. These designs can be pasted on the diya to add color to an otherwise plain lamp. The dried diya with ceramic design can be painted with acrylic paints.

These suggested Diwali ideas can help a lot in making a very colorful and one of a kind diyas for the jubilant celebration of the most important Indian festival, the Diwali.