Diwali Scraps

Diwali is a time for merriment and fun. During the celebration of Diwali festival, people are expressing their warm diwali wishes and greetings to their dear ones in different way. While some shop for varieties of Diwali cards on local bookstores, some buy diwali gifts as their present. But there’s another way that you can try to be able to convey your diwali greetings to loved ones – that’s in a form of Diwali Scraps.


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Diwali Scraps with Diwali Wishes and Messages

With the advent of technology and the popularity of social media sites, greeting someone on a holiday has made easier and more convenient. Today, you can just create your own diwali card off the web and send to your loved ones. They are called Diwali scraps, or Diwali ecards. These are Diwali wishes with Diwali images. Here are some samples of free Diwali scraps.

Free Diwali Scraps and Diwali Ecards