Diwali Custom

India is known to be a land filled with people rich in culture and tradition. Many festivals are celebrated every year. Among all those festivals, one celebration that is given much importance by the people is the Diwali festival. It is the biggest festival celebrated not only by one group of religion but by all the people of India, regardless of race and religion, making it the grandest celebration in the Indian culture.


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Diwali Traditions and Customs

Many activities and traditions are included in the Diwali festival. Children and adults alike participate in these activities and games, reveling in the fun and merry-making, bringing the people into a festive mood appropriate for the celebration.

Diwali Games

Card games are a popular game played during the festival. Playing card games has always been a part of Diwali tradition. Players can either choose to do cards with money at stake or without treating it as an activity to pass the time. Other games, usually children’s games are played as well.

Lighting Firecrackers

What festival is complete without the sound of a lit firecracker? It is a basic part of festivities. Yes, it is considered harmful, especially the chance of sustaining burn injury from an improperly handled firecracker, but people do not mind the risk on such a grand occasion as Diwali. Proper care and caution must be observed when lighting firecrackers so as to avoid any harmful effect.

Diwali Feasts

Festivals can never be truly called a festival without preparing sumptuous meals in one’s home. Families gather together to partake in the meals, prepared by the host family. Sweets are also made by the women of the family to serve during the meals.


Feasts are not possible without the cooking part. It is a major activity that will always be present in the Diwali festival. Varieties of delectable and scrumptious sweets are often prepared during this time. These sweets are often served along with the meals.

Arts and Crafts

Creative talents are unleashed in this joyous occasion. People who are capable of making beautiful and eye-catching crafts are free to display their talents in creating things to decorate their homes. Diya-making is a popular activity during Diwali. It gives people the chance to create beautiful and unique diyas to light up during the festival.

Home Cleaning and Decoration

Most of all, it is important that the homes are cleaned thoroughly before the festival. This is to prepare the home in welcoming the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity,Lakshmi. Homes are also adorned with colorful decorations, flower garlands, and other ornaments with religious significance. Diwali Rangoli, a decorative design on floors and courtyards, are made during the festival, to serve as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.