Diwali Celebration

Diwali festival is considered to be the grandest celebration in Hindu community. Not just in India, Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival of light with complete cheer and passion. Everyone seems to be in a festive mood during the Diwali festival. You will witness the rich and deep culture on the way they celebrate the diwali festival of light.



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Diwali Celebration

The long battle of good and evil has kept people around the world to be more critical. They do every means to make the good win over the evil. And if they succeed, they celebrate to announce their triumph. There are different ways to celebrate the victory of the good. Just like in India, the Hindus celebrate Diwali to signify that the good has won over the evil.

Diwali is a celebration that is not only held in India. In other parts of the world where Hinduism is practised  this festivity is also fêted. It has become a part of the culture of the Hindus and considered as one of the most important events they celebrate every year.

But what really happens during this festivity and how do people celebrate it?

Hindus in different parts of the world have their own commemoration of the Diwali. Since Diwali is called the “Festival of Lights”, a number of lights are being lighted during the celebration. Aside from this, the following are the different ways of how Diwali is practiced by the Hindus in different places.

Continental Celebration of Diwali

Some places have the same way of celebrating Diwali. But still, there are distinct characteristics of the various celebrations of the festivity.

Diwali Celebration in Asia

Since most of the Hindus are in India, the celebration there is more eminent. They also make an offering through special Pooja ceremonies. The homes of the residents are decorated with dazzling lights and candles. Colorful and sparkling lights and earthen lamps (diyas) line the houses. They do this to welcome the Goddess Lakshimi. The entranceway of the residents is being adorned with Rangoli designs. These are colorful designs, usually made of rice or flour, patterned in different shapes, like flower and geometric shapes.

Aside from the Rangoli designs, the People exchange sweets and gifts also with each other. At night, fireworks are lighted to drive away evil spirits. This feast lasts for five days. Indonesia celebrates Diwali in the same manner as in India. The Island of Bali is famous of the Diwali Festivities. They celebrate it by following native Indian rituals. Other parts of Asia like Nepal and Malaysia also have their own way of celebration.

Diwali Celebration In Nepal

In Nepal, they allot five days to observe this important event. Cows are worshipped and given offerings on the first day while dogs are honored and given special foods on the second day. On the third day, lights and lamps are lighted and served as beautiful ornaments of the houses just like in India. Yama, the Lord of Death, is pacified and worshipped on the fourth day. And on the last day of the celebration, the people gather together, meet and exchange gifts.

Diwali Celebration In Malaysia

In Malaysia, the triumph of good over evil is rejoiced through the celebration of the ‘Hari Diwali’. It starts with the traditional oil bath and followed by temple visits and offering prayers. The victory of Lord Rama over King Ravana, the demon king, is signified by lighting small earthen lamps with coconut oil.

Diwali Celebration in North and South America

In North America, particularly in USA, the celebration of the Diwali is the same with the celebration in India. They decorate their houses with earthen lamps and flashing lights. The use of electric lights makes the celebration in USA more distinct. Colorful Rangoli are also displayed in their houses. Cultural events are organized at night where people are gathered at a community hall and share sweets and snacks. Fire crackers are also lighted during the celebration to ward off evil spirits.

On the other hand, Trinidad in South America celebrates the festival in nine-days wherein classical music, devotional song renditions and dance shows are performed. The people clad themselves in ethnic Indian attire, also, to take part in the celebration.

Diwali Celebration in Australia

The Indians in Australia celebrates Diwali with so much fun. A magnificent display of fireworks is being admired by the people. The Indians living there also take this as a chance to show how rich their culture is and how united they are despite the diversity.

In Fiji, the people also decorate their houses with colorful lights. At night, a feast is held where the children light firecrackers and the people exchange sweets and snacks. Diyas, candles and electric lights are lit in the evening.

Indian celebration of Diwali in Africa

On the other hand, Indians in Mauritius celebrate it to commemorate the return of Lord Rama after being exiled for 14 years. Earthen lamps are also lit in rows and fire crackers are used to ward off evil spirits. The Goddess Lakshimi is also worshipped by the Indians.

Diwali Celebration in Europe

In Britain, people wear new clothes, spring-clean their homes and decorate it with fancy lights. The British City of Leicester celebrates Diwali with extravagance. Thousands of people witness the official switch-on ceremony, which is the highlight of the festival.