Diwali Candles

Diwali, the so called “festival of lights” is the festival that celebrates the triumph of the good over evil. Aside from the gift-giving, shopping, and fireworks, brightening the inside of one’s home is an important part of the festival. Lighting up of candles is one way to achieve this. The glow brought about by the candles represents the good forcing out the darkness that represents the evil.



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Diwali Diyas on Diwali Festival

Earthen diyas has always been used for this tradition, but recently, usage of candles has been widespread. This is because candles can burn a longer time when compared to diyas, and it looks more appealing to the eye.

Many different kinds of Diwali candles have been made available to the market for every type of costumer. Use of candles has become more popular due to belief that lighting one can bring in positive spirits. Candles can also be used as part of the decorations at one’s home. It is also an ideal present for the gift-giving. Candles are also used during the rituals or puja.

Different Diwali Candles

  • Tealight Candles

Tealight candles are made out of high quality wax and are expected to burn for long hours. These candles are usually of the scented kind. These are safe and can be used to light firecrackers.

  • Designer Candles

Designer Diwali candles can be used as a decorative piece as well as illuminating device in one’s home. These might be a little expensive, so buy one when it fits the budget.

  • Gel Candles

These are Diwali candles that are made out of colored gel inside small glass pots. Like the designer candles, these can also be used as a decoration as well as material to light up one’s home.

  • Flower Candles

Flower Diwali candles are another type that can be used as a decorative material. It is made up of colorful wax set in a mini glass. Flower designs can be sunflower, roses, orchids, lilies and such, though, the sunflower candles are popular today.

  • Sparkling Candles

These candles, as the name implies, sparkle. They are a very interesting choice for candles and are very appealing to look at. Sparkling candles can add a sparkling atmosphere to the Diwali celebration.

  • Perfumed Candles

As the name goes, these candles emit a soothing aroma to a room sparking the festive spirit fit for the occasion. These Diwali candles come molded in small containers.

  • Handmade Candles

These candles are molded in the shape of various fruits like mango, orange, lemon and the like. These are great Diwali decorative pieces and bring in a festive atmosphere when lit up.

  • Cylindrical Candles

These Diwali candles are cast to be tall and cylindrical in glass containers. The containers are filled with images of deities and religious symbols.