Dussehra Images

Dussehra, also called as Dasara, is a Hindu festival celebrated across the India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This festival occurs in the end of monsoon season. The celebration of Dussehra differs from states to states. But one thing is for sure, Dussehra is a fun festival that gives joy and cheer for everyone. Big parades and plays are held for Dussehra festival. Of which, the most interesting is the Ram Lila, portraying the life of Lord Rama.



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Dussehra Photos and Images

Dussehra images and pictures show how festive and fun the celebration is. In below samples of images of Dussehra, you can clearly tell that the long-live traditions of Hindus are well preserved. Enjoy these Dussehra stock photos I’ve seen online.

A Dussehra photo depicting the tradition of burning Ravana effigy.
Photo Credit: Vijaya Dasmi on Flickr

Dussehra celebration in India. Taken on October 2007
Photo Credit: Ajay Tallam on Flickr

Godess Durga during Dussserah Festival in BBSR
Photo Credit: Maa Durga on Wikipedia