Dussehra Dates

When is Dussehra? Most of you are probably asking that as the time for Vijaya dashami is approaching. Dussehra is an important holidays for Hindu, celebrated in different parts of India and neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Nepal. From the word “Dasha-hara”, Dussehra literally means “removed of bad luck or fate”. It reciprocates the removing of ten heads of demon king Ravana.



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When is Dussehra 2012

So, you want to know when is dussehra 2012?

Dussehra will be celebrated on October 24, 2012 – Wednesday.

Here are Dussehra dates for upcoming years:

When is Dussehra 2013?
– Dussehra 2013 will be on October 14.

When is Dussehra 2014?
– Dussehra 2014 will be on October 4.

Happy Dussehra to all!