Dussehra Gift Ideas

Dussehra festival is a popular and important Hindu holiday in India. It is widely celebrated in different states of Dussehra. This festival usually falls between Mid September and October. It usually occurs 12 days prior to Diwali festival. Dussehra, also called as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami, also commemorates the winning of Lord Rama in his fight against King Ravana – demon king.


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Top Dussehra Gifts

Dussehra is also a good time to exchange and send gifts to friends and loved ones. There are many Dussehra gift ideas that can be chosen for this coming festival. For those who are running out of gift ideas for Dussehra, you are in the right place. Here are some of the top Dussehra gifts that you can choose.


Preparing Dussehra sweets and Dussehra recipes is one of the most fun parts of celebrating Dussehra. Then, sweets, also called as Mithais, can be a nice dussehra gift idea for this festival. You can show your thought and festive mood to your recipient by giving her a special sweet or delicacy on Dussehra festival. It is said that sweets has an integral part for every Hindu celebration, hence giving some to your loved ones and friends would surely be appreciated. You can either prepare your own sweets or buy packed sweets in stores. You can set them up in a beautiful gift basket and wrapped with colorful wrapper and ribbons.

Gold and Silver Coins

Another excellent Dussehra gift idea is giving your recipient a couple of gold or silver coins with images of deities like Maa Shakti, Lakshmi or Goddess Durga. Coins come with Goddess and Gods images are believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the recipient. Aside from coins, you can also give your loved ones other Dussehra gift items like Mata ka Chattar, Goddess Idols, lockers and others.

Jewelry Items

Jewelry is one of the most popular Dussehra gift ideas. Be it your mom, wife, sister or girlfriend, she would surely love receiving some jewelry items from you. You can choose from gold necklaces, pendants, bracelets or bangles as your gift. You can also buy watch with gold or silver wristband. This can be a nice Dussehra gift for your someone special.


Play it safe when it comes to giving gift on Dussehra Festival. Stay with the norm and gift your recipient nice apparel. There are many fashionable clothing brands to choose from so you can definitely find the one that your recipient would love.

Other Dussehra Gift Ideas

  • Gadgets
  • Flowers
  • Gift Basket
  • Puja Accessories
  • Appliances
  • Home decors
  • Kitchenware