Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Ideas

Are you looking for Ganesh Chaturthi gift ideas that you can make use of for this coming Lord Ganesha festival? Then you’ve come at the right place. Below, we listed some of the best Ganesh chaturthi gifts that you can choose to send or present to your dear and near ones for Ganesh Chaturthi festival 2012. Ganesh chaturthi gifts can be bought, traditional or homemade. Depending on your situation, these options can be of great help to you when shopping for gifts for ganesh charuthi 2012.


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Gift Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja AccessoriesSending your friends and loved ones some items for vinayaka pooja can be a good choice as gift on ganesh chaturthi. You can choose puja thali, idols of Laksmi-Ganesh, diyas made of clay or metal, wall hangings, ganesh chaturthi decorations and ornaments and such.
  • Idols of Lord Ganesha – this can be a wonderful gift for the festival of Lord Ganesha, the integral part of the celebration. Ganesha idols come in different materials and form. You can choose from silver, gold, wood, brass and bronze idols. It is believed that Ganesha idols bring prosperity and good luck to one’s home.
  • Ganesha Gift Baskets – confused on what to give to your relatives and family? Why not get them all and pack them in a gift basket? You can include small Ganesha idols, lamp sets, cards, Vinayaka Vrathakalpam, sweets and food items to your gift basket. There are many stores that offer gift baskets especially made for Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • New Apparels – As part of the celebration, people usually dress themselves with new clothes and apparels. Some of the devotees even buy new traditional Indian clothes and wear them during the Ganesh chaturthi festival. So, giving your family and relatives something new to wear on the festival can be a good option.
  • Lord Ganesha Coins – a silver or gold coin with Lord Ganesha’s image is a popular gift on Ganesh chaturthi. This also expresses your prayers and wishes for the prosperity and well-being of the receiver and their family.
  • Pendants with Lord Ganesha Figure – Who wouldn’t love a pendant with the figure of Lord Ganesha, adorned with silver, crystals, gold, and gem stones? As Lord Ganesha is known to be a remover of life’s obstacles and hindrances, giving your special someone a pendant with his figure can ward off negativity and bring good luck to your receiver.
  • Sweets – Every Hindu festival is never complete without sweets. Women in the household usually prepare sweet treats for each festival. This Ganesh Chaturthi, prepare something special and send to your relatives as a gift for Ganesha festival. There are also many shops that sell readily made chocolates and sweets that you can buy.