Witches Halloween Party Theme

Everything is magical about the Halloween season, so why not invite Witches and Wizards over to Halloween party? Not only does this theme appeal to kids, but also to adults who love magic! This theme is easy to carry out but requires a lot of planning, so make sure that everything from the invites to the menu suits the motif! To know if the ‘Witches and Wizards’ Halloween party theme is right for you this Halloween, read on.


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Witches and Wizards Brewery Party

Halloween Costumes for Witches Halloween Party

  • For the Wizards, they can wear cloaks, capes, hoods, robes, and long purple hats to establish their knowledge in wizardry.
  • For the Witches, females can experiment with different costumes such as an old crone mask, a fake wart on the nose, and a broom in hand – for the daring ones, a bewitching curve-hugging costume with bedazzling make-up and black lipstick will do the trick.

Halloween Decorations for Witches Halloween Party

  • To create your bubbling cauldron required in every witch’s and wizard’s brewery, create a centerpiece of logs in the center of the hall. Lace with red or white Christmas lights to start a faux fire, and then place a large cauldron on top. Next, cover its bottom with loosely crumpled aluminum foil and place green Christmas lights on top. If you want, you can add white Christmas lights and place a layer of green cellophane on top. To finish your cauldron, cover the rim of the cauldron with bubble-wrap and pwesto! A bubbly (yet safe) cauldron for your brewery!
  • Place two long wooden dowels at the base or in the cauldron at different angles for more emphasis; witches will be tempted to churn ingredients at the sight of these stirring utensils!
  • Specimen jars are the perfect decoration for your magical venue. Use many clear glass jars that contain weird things such as human parts, insects, and bats to set off the mood.
  • Sound effects produced by simple things around the house can easily shock your guests! You can introduce sound effects to your party too. You only need a microphone and the following materials: large sheet metal (pound for thunder), uncooked rice and cooking sheet (pour rice on sheet to produce rain), cellophane (crinkle for fire), carrots (snap them to sound like breaking bones), a plastic bag (flapping this will sound like flying bats), and a straw and a bowl (slowly blowing bubbles will produce bog sound). You can also scream into the microphone to send chills down their spines!
  • If you want guests to creep out, placing squeaky hinges on the doors will have them stop in their tracks. You may also opt to use black light bulbs, skeletons, glowing skulls, and crystal balls as good props and decoration for your brewery.
  • If you want to surprise your guests or trick-or-treaters, a flying witch that crashes into your backyard will be the perfect prank! First, the tree which she will crash in must be visible, and must have a strong trunk. Take sweatpants and insert two wooden legs that extend a bit more than the pants. Spread the legs on either side of the tree, parallel, and secure it at three or four feet above the ground. Attach some shoes on her legs, and nail the broom (placed between her legs) to the tree (this must be parallel to the ground). Next, nail a trash bag at the top and bottom of the tree (this serves as her cape). Finally, put a wig on top of the cape and nail a hat in place to complete your distraught witch!