Halloween Party Games

Let’s face it: Halloween simply isn’t complete without a party to celebrate the spookiness of the season. So this year, avoid scaring your guests away with boredom as you organize the most successful Halloween party in your neighborhood! Of course, a party isn’t fun without games, and choosing the right ones for your guests will have them in a sociable mood and high spirits – and an event for them to talk about even after the Halloween season!


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Since Halloween is commonly associated with darkness and spookiness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to adopt this theme in your party. After all, the purpose of playing games is to allow people to socialize with one another and to break the barrier among strangers.

So where to start? First of all, it is wise to note the age group of your guests: are they all adults or are there children as well? Since distinct games appeal to different age groups, it is important to consider their interests in planning your games. For example, fortune-telling games only appeal to adults, while games that involve much physical activity may interest the young ones. On the other hand, adventure and strategy games such as treasure or ghost hunts may be a hit with tweens and teens alike. Nobody wants to be left out of all the fun so carefully choose games that suit the tastes and preferences of the group, and are guaranteed to be fun for all.

Embedding popular party games with the spirit of Halloween is a great idea to start with. Simple games such as peanut races or pass the balloon can be played as is or you can introduce an improvised version with challenging twists and turns. Using this list of Halloween party games, you can also amaze your guests with your creativity and talent for hosting the best party in town!

Browse according to age category*:

1. For the Young Ones (Children) – Halloween Pumpkin Games
2. For the Young at Heart (Tweens/Adults) – Ghost Hunters, Mummy Wrap, Zodiac Match
3. For the Young Ones and Young at Heart: Pass the Balloons, Peanut Race, Spider Web, Treasure Hunt

*This is only a recommendation. If there are games you’d like to incorporate in different age groups aside from those recommended above, feel free to do so.


Halloween Pumpkin Games

Pumpkins are the staple fruit of the Halloween season, so why not put it to good use? These orange fruits don’t have to be condemned forever as Jack O’ Lanterns – using them for a variety of games are sure to keep children squealing with enjoyment. This is also perfect not only at home, but also in the classroom.


Ghost Hunters

Ghosts have haunted us for centuries – now, it’s about time we haunt them! This daring Halloween game can bring out the heroes of the group, tasked with hunting spooky creatures lurking around your house. Hide a few ghost toys in the dark corners of your home, and watch gleefully as your guests try to hunt them down.

Mummy Wrap

Since the time we were introduced to the ancient mummies of the “Pharaohs of Egypy”, we certainly can’t stop our fascination with them! This game only needs creativity, fun, and rolls of toilet paper. See who among your guests could pass as “mummifiers” as they try to “mummify” their fellow guests within a certain period of time.

Zodiac Match

The stars hold secrets we can never know, yet we are fascinated with how much the zodiac signs (based on the heavens) reveal much about ourselves. Regardless of whether your guests are avid or indifferent believers, a Zodiac game will at least have people asking, “What’s your sign?”. This game is guaranteed to draw in guests with different signs, and can serve as a great icebreaker as the night passes on.


Pass the Balloons

Perfect for those who are young and the young at heart! ‘Pass the Balloons’ is a fun Halloween party game that only needs hands and colorful balloons. This famous game is easy to participate in, and better yet – it doesn’t have any age restriction!

Peanut Race

‘Another crowd favor, this interesting game will keep the guests on their toes while having fun. Participants will try their best to reach the finish line first, and sometimes the competition results in hilarious fiascos.

Spider Web

Spider webs don’t have to stay put in our spooky homes! Use them to draw people together by incorporating them in games. Spider web games are interesting to play, and its sure to capture “victims” of all ages.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is a game played throughout the year, so make sure to rouse your guests into playing this game by adding a Halloween twist to it. This game can be played in groups, but as they say, “The more, the merrier!”. Hide a variety of articles in different locations, and watch as people enjoy the adrenaline-rush while hunting for treasure.