Halloween Decorating Ideas

Having fun while decorating for Halloween!

Decorating for Halloween sure is fun when one’s not cramming to put everything together before the eve of Halloween! That’s why we present to you some Halloween Decorating Ideas – perfect for each day of the month of October. Hopefully, these Halloween decorating ideas will help you in preparing your home – and yourself – for the Halloween bash!


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Top 30 Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Color Palette
Nothing sets the mood like a color palette to guide your holiday décor! Use paint chips or online color palette generators to create your Halloween color scheme.

Past Halloween Photos
It’s nice to bring back a little nostalgia, so create a photo collage or picture display of your family celebrating Halloween for the past few years.

Back to Black
Black symbolizes darkness, so it’s no surprise it’s always associated with Halloween! You can choose to decorate your walls black, but if it’s too much you can opt for a black door color instead.

Bring Out the Halloween Dinnerware!
Using your Halloween color palette, transform your dinnerware by painting them with glass and ceramic paint.

List the Uses of a Pumpkin
Put down your carving tools and figure out a way on how you can use a pumpkin for decoration.

Create a Halloween Wreath
You can dress up your front door with a handmade wreath made of simple Halloween craft items. Exercise your creativity and make different halloween crafts.

Create an Outdoor Halloween Display
Your porch and front door will be the first thing your guests will see, so get to work on putting up a nice outdoor display! Use your imagination in creating designs that can range from frightful to festive.

Light Up Your Pumpkin
We’ll give you a hint on how to replace the ol’ Jack-O-Lantern: Pumpkins can hold pillar candles and tapers.

Halloween Printables for Free
The Internet is host to many Halloween printables, so grab the opportunity to find anything from labels to postcards!

Make a Halloween Hanging
These decorations can be found in craft stores or on the Internet as a printable.

Go googly eyed.
These silly things can be used to create a variety of Halloween décor. Simply paste and glue them onto anything spooky so that it’ll look less scary.

Decorate a Halloween Tree
If there’s a Christmas Tree – why not a Halloween tree? Secure them in a pot with floral foam and glitter or spray paint its branches. Instead of Christmas balls, hang Spanish moss and an assortment of plastic insects.

Make Your Own Halloween Doormat
Time to get creative! Decorate a cheap doormat with any spooky design using acrylic paint.

Create a Halloween Shadow Box
These shadow boxes are creepy because – well, they create shadows. Use this to make a creepy display for your guests to enjoy.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Create your own spooky reflection or a ghost using colored adhesive vinyl or faux glass frosting film.

Pumpkin Stuffing
Perfect for little kids! Cut a circle from orange fabric, add any filling of your choice, twist, and tie it.

Make a Terror Terrarium
A simple way to draw people in – and drive them away! Put an assortment of fake spiders, insects, and rodents into a terrarium to set a terrifying atmosphere.

Ghostly Furniture
Simply cover your furniture with white lace, sheets, or drop cloths. Add some cobwebs and faux pests to add more fun.

Candy Vase
Guaranteed to make trick-or-treaters drool! Layer colorful Halloween candy in a tall vase.

Put Up Halloween Streamers
Streamers are an easy decoration to make and to put up, so make sure your guests can see your Halloween spirit.

Create Your Own Decals
Decorate a window with a creepy silhouette that’ll have the neighbors talking! Simply use adhesive colored vinyl or black contact paper.

Play With Your Halloween Food
Halloween party or not, decorating food with a Halloween touch is delicious and fun! Add your own personal touch to ordinary food to show your Halloween spirit.

Decorate a Halloween Table
You can save up a lot of money by decorating your own dinnerware and table for Halloween! Designing your tableware can be fun and functional, plus your guests will appreciate your creativity!

Make Halloween Word Art
Make your own framed Halloween art using stencils, online programs, or stencils. These are easy to use and fun to make.

Haunted Bird House
Transform an ordinary birdhouse into a haunted one! Get creative using paint, paper, jewels, or anything you can think of! You can keep it for yourself or give it for the birds to explore.

Spin a Web
You can create cobwebs out of cheesecloth, pantyhose, and string! These simple decorations can make any room scary.

Glow, Monster, Glow
Change your porch lights with colored lights to set an eerie atmosphere. Red looks scary, while green or purple casts a spooky glow.

Go with Glass
Glass jars are simple and elegant to display, which makes them great decors. You can add anything you want in them, ranging from lotus pods to candy.

From Décor to Pumpkin
Who said only a pumpkin can be a pumpkin? Almost any roundish item can transform into a pumpkin e.g. jars, balloons, light bulbs, and tin cans, so don’t limit your imagination! This is also a great way to recycle materials that have been laying around the house all year.

Puff Up a Halloween Pillow
Try your hand at painting or printing your own Halloween throw pillows. Iron-on decals can also be used to add a holiday touch around your home.