Personalized Halloween Invitations

Whether you want to create a Halloween party invitation or just a simple Halloween greeting card, this simple creation idea may help you. Boost your creativity and convey the Halloween atmosphere to your friends or guests. Prepare few simple materials to start off with your making of personalized Halloween invitations.


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How to Create a Personalized Halloween Invitation Card

Materials Needed

  • Coloring Pen
  • Spooky Halloween pictures
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Card stock, poster boards or any heavy paper available


1. First, decide how large your Halloween invitation would be. Cut your card stock or craft paper depending on your chosen size. You can use dark-colored (dark orange or black) card stock for this Halloween craft.

2. Fold the card stock to form the card invitation.

3. Choose any picture you want to put in the card, preferably Spooky Halloween pictures like Jack-o-lanterns, witches, black cat, bats, graveyard, pumpkins, etc. You can find lots of scary Halloween clipart online for free. Just search for “free Halloween graphics”.

4. Next, attach the pictures onto the front of the card using the glue. You may overlap some of those pictures to create an artistic card.

5. Using a coloring pen, write some lettering on the front of the card. You can write anything – like “Happy Halloween” or “You’re Invited”. You can also include the name of your guest.

6. Next, you can move on to the inner part your Halloween invitation. Write your Halloween message on it. Include the party theme and short details of the party. This will give them an idea what kind of Halloween costume should they wear.

7. Enclose your personalized Halloween invitations to your envelope. You can buy one pack of envelopes in any bookstore or supermarket. Choose the one with Halloween theme.

And there you have your inexpensive but spooky Halloween card. Send them to your party guests 3 to 5 days before the actual party to give them enough time to prepare.