Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

In the olden days, the Celtics used to extinguish fires from their homes so that their houses won’t seem so warm and inviting to the spirits roaming the Earth on the 31st of October. Two thousand years later, it has become just the opposite: we decorate our houses on Halloween so it would be warm and inviting to living beings! So this year, we present to you the best ideas for indoor Halloween decorations out there – which will hopefully have people (and spirits) flocking to see your den.


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Ideas for Indoor Halloween Decorations


Transform every nook and cranny of your house with homemade spider webs! You can create them in a number of ways: 1) pin, snip, and tear cheesecloth, 2) spin hot-glue over small items, 3) pull apart used pantyhose, and/or 4) use a string. For more fun, add a few plastic flies and a fake tarantula here and there.


If cobwebs aren’t enough, take pests to another level! You can decorate walls, tables, and chairs with creepy crawlies using glue or a fishing line.


There are a lot of decorations you can do with these bulbous fruits! From Jack-O-Lanterns, you can transform them into Drac-O-Lanterns by simply giving them devilish red eyes (just punch in 2 red pushpins) and fake teeth; if you don’t want to make much of an effort you can also create Jar-O-Lanterns, used jars that are painted in orange and black. Also scooping out its flesh and carving pictures inside can make for great pumpkin silhouettes. If you want to create a child-friendly decoration, draw faces on inflated orange balloons. Balloons can also help you mold papier-mâché pumpkins that are easy to dry, paint, and hang. Lastly, if you want to give your guests a surprise place an old baby monitor in a Jack-O-Lantern in the hallway and watch them squeal with fear.



A table centerpiece can make for a spooky evening. Place these centerpieces around the house to feel the Halloween spirit. You can either use a vase with a pest-infected bouquet (simply place spiders, snakes, and cockroaches on the flowers), choose real flowers that are in for the autumn season (dahlias, callas, colius, eucalyptus, berries, and chocolate cosmos are a few), create a nest of rotting eggs (you can use wax and dye to create images or simply dye them in tea), or spin webs over centerpieces to create a dusty look.


These apparitions can either range from scary to downright cute! You can summon them in one way: make glowing ghosts by snapping light sticks and inserting them into a white balloon. After you inflate and tie it, use a black marker to draw on the face. Attach to the wall with transparent tape and watch them glow for eight hours!


These decorations are easy to make and fun to look at! To create potions, take specimen jars, fill them with water, and add food coloring of your choice. You can also put in objects that you think will give magic to your elixirs. On the other hand, if you want specimens on display, you can place brains (dried cockscomb), rubber insects and rodents, and anything you can think of in jars!


Light can be easily manipulated to either give a warm atmosphere – or an eerie mood. Create silhouettes, shades, and illusions of them using these ideas:

  • Silhouettes: a) Cut out the silhouette of a frightened cat (use your imagination!) and stick them on places where guests might least expect to see them e.g. picture frames, mirrors, etc; b) Create out silhouettes of your choice, stick them onto a sturdy wire or stick, and prop them up on candles; and c) Cut out paper mice and stick them onto the stairs and baseboards of your home.
  • Shades: Cut out bats from construction paper and stick them inside the shade of a lamp.
  • Candles: Drip red candle wax on the tips of white candles to create an illusion of blood.


Make these cute bats in a matter of minutes! First, cut out bats from black construction paper or felt. Then paste them to black clothespins. Welcome your guests by clipping them on trees or bushes.


These two inseparable human body parts are fun to play with this Halloween! You can place a plastic skull in a glass cheese dome, create a head out of plaster and place it as a centerpiece, make shrunken heads from peeled and dried apples, and make a paper-mache skull that can serve as a lamp!