Halloween Ghost Decorations

Halloween is a celebration built upon the belief of the existence of roaming spirits, so it isn’t surprising that ghosts have become a popular choice when it comes to decoration. Ghost decorations are quite popular during Halloween. They are used in almost all Halloween parties and Halloween decorations – both outdoors and indoors. Enhance your celebration with these ghost decoration ideas that will either have you shiver with fear or with delight!


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Halloween Ghost Decorating Ideas

1. Ghost in the Mirror
Guaranteed to make you smile at the friendly ghost in the mirror! Print a template of your ideal ghost, trace it onto frosted-glass window film, cut it out with scissors, and apply.

2. Graveyard Ghost
Perfect for those with ample space on their front yard for a graveyard! First, create sturdy wooden frames that can hold up cloth and Christmas lights. Complete this sight by draping white cloth with visages over these frames.

3. Ghost Cupcakes
Create these candy creatures by adding a personal touch to home-made or store-bought cupcakes. Twist, trim and stick together miniature marshmallows to create the shape of a ghost. After you place it on top of the cupcake, poke holes for the eyes using a toothpick and insert sprinkles.

4. Floating Ghosts
Use either starched cheesecloth or papier-mâché to create ghosts with haunting postures.

5. Ghost Trick-or-Treat Bags
If you have a little one roaming around Halloween, make him or her carry this bag for the candy. Take an old pillowcase, fasten the opening with rope, and paint on ghostly expressions.

6. Glowing Ghosts
These apparitions can either range from scary to downright cute! You can summon them in one way: make glowing ghosts by snapping light sticks and inserting them into a white balloon. After you inflate and tie it, use a black marker to draw on the face. Attach to the wall with transparent tape and watch them glow for eight hours!

7. Costumed Fruit
Even fruit can have costumes! Dress pears up as ghosts by dipping them in white chocolate. After it has firmed, paint on expressions using brown chocolate.

8. Ghoulery Necklace
This is easy to make. On parchment paper, draw ghost outlines with white glue. Set for five seconds and fill in more glue. Leave alone for two days and then peel it off. After drawing a visage with a marker, punch small holes at the top for the necklace string.

9. White Chocolate Ghosts
Perfect for children who love helping out in the kitchen! Reward them with these ghosts made with molds and melted white chocolate.

10. Cheesecloth Ghosts
Not only does cheesecloth make good cobwebs, but it also makes great ghosts! Hang this material on tree branches and on the porch to create a spook-tacular feel to your home.