Halloween Activities

Halloween is a secular festival that is held annually on the 31st of October. The purpose of this celebration is to honor the departed souls of loved ones. People believe that the realm of the living and the realm of the dead merge on this day, thus the souls from the afterlife descend to the earth to visit their relatives. This is the reason why Halloween is widely celebrated with a supernatural theme. Many people don costumes of ghosts and monsters, while others wear masquerades as a way to express their Halloween spirit.


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Activities to do during Halloween:

Below are some activities for Halloween day which you may be interested in doing as celebration of this spooky festival – better yet, invite friends and family to make it the most memorable experience ever!

  • Throw a Party with a Halloween Twist
  • Horrify Yourself Through Horror Flicks
  • Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat!
  • Prank is the Name of the Game
  • Go for a Spooky Picnic
  • Play Halloween Games

Throw a Party with a Halloween Twist

Parties can be great fun, so Halloween provides the perfect atmosphere and venue for just that! Introduce a costume theme and you’ll be delighted to see guests come into the door as monsters, ghosts, devils, witches, and skeletons. If the conventional horror theme isn’t your thing, you can choose themes from media and popular culture such as television shows and movies.

Horrify Yourself through Horror Flicks

If you are brave enough to watch a horror flick and not be scared of wandering down the hallway to bed, then this activity is perfect for you! Spend the night with spirits, ghosts, and witches accompanying you on screen to get you in the mood of the festival. Better yet, drag a friend or two with you and spook yourselves out in the dark. If you prefer going outside, going to the theatres for the midnight show can be enjoyable – just take care not to get spooked on the way home.

Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat!

Trick or Treat is the perfect game for children who seek a little adventure on Halloween night. Armed with their bags and a little mischief, these little ones go around the neighborhood asking for treats from house owners. Encouraging your children to participate in this communal activity will most likely ensure that they’ll enjoy themselves immensely.

Prank is the Name of the Game

Pranks are harmless fun and enjoyment, yet knowing which pranks to pull off this Halloween must be done carefully and with much consideration. Scaring your friends with gory costumes is an example of a wonderful prank; just make sure any prank you do won’t cause any harm or humiliation – otherwise, the spirits may decide to pull a prank on you.

Go For a Spooky Picnic

Who said Halloween could only be celebrated at home? Go for a fun picnic with your relatives or friends and be surprised how the outdoors can provide a festive atmosphere for celebration. From the costumes to the food, you’d be surprised how well you can pull off a Halloween-themed picnic! Various types of cookies, pastries, truffles, and other delicacies can spice up your party, and don’t forget to include devilish items such as blood made from tomato soup, meatballs and noodles as eyeballs, and so on. Be creative in preparing scrumptious (and scary) dishes!

Play Halloween Games

What better way to have fun than through games? There are a variety of Halloween games you can play such as apple bobbing, Puicini, hanging up treacle, and many more. If you choose to go apple bobbing, simply float apples in a basin of water and watch as participants attempt to grab an apple using their teeth. Hanging up treacle is another hands-off game, in which treacle or syrup-coated scones are hung from strings and contestants must eat it without any assistance (and leave them in a sticky predicament!). On the other hand, if you want a little fortune-telling game, Puicini is perfect for the group; in this traditional Irish game, a person is blindfolded and placed before a table with a number of saucers on it. After the saucers are shuffled, he or she has to choose one, and the chosen saucer shall predict what’s in store for him or her in the coming year.