Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

So you want to appear sexy in a Halloween party? That must be the reason why you stumbled on this page. Good thing as we’re here to provide you some sexy halloween costume ideas that you may find useful for this coming Halloween 2012. In this halloween costume ideas, we will give you some tips on how to turn your ordinary little black dress into a sexy halloween costume. Read on and enjoy!


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Ideas for Sexy Halloween Costumes – Black Dress as Halloween Costume

The black dress has long been considered an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It is one of those articles of clothing that every woman must have no matter her occupation or lifestyle. With its, versatility, a sexy black dress can be worn on almost every occasion. It can be worn to the office, to a party, and of course with some creativity, this little dress can also easily be transformed into a Halloween party costume. If you want a fancy costume but don’t have the time and budget to spend, here are some great Halloween costume ideas you can use while considering your black dress as your costume.

The Dark Fairy

Don’t be cute fairy. Tear some holes on your little black dress for a totally wicked look, then wear some fishnet stockings, black wig, and thick eyeliner and mascara.

All you really need is a little imagination to create a fancy Halloween costume from your trusty little black dress!

The Sexy Devil

With your little black dress on, you’re now just a few steps away from looking evil. All you need now to complete the devil’s look is a pair of devil horns. You can either buy a pair, or make them using paper mache attached to a headband. You can paint them red or black, any color you want. For a totally evil look, wear a devil tail and carry a devil’s pitchfork.

The Hag

For this Halloween Party costume you will need a cane, a fake crooked nose, crazy wig, and some pieces of fabric. Create a hump on your back by stuffing pieces of fabric under the back of your little black dress. Wear your scraggly wig and your fake nose. Carry a cane and look around you as if you’re angry with everyone.

The Wizard and Witch

If you are worried about the weather, try the wizard costume. Wear a purple cape over a short-sleeved black dress. Put some sparkly gel over your face then wear a pointy hat embellished with glitters. Witches are scary but they don’t have to be ugly. Be a glamorous witch by wearing purple wig instead of the usual black one and embellish your pointy hat with flashy jewelries.

The Cat Lady

Transform from human into an animal with this quick and easy to make cat costume. All you need for this Halloween costume idea is an inexpensive tail, a pair of cat collars, an ear set, and your little black dress of course. Put the two cat collars together and wear them around your neck. If you want, you may also make your own cat collars using black felt or fake leather. Wear long black nails, and then paint your face with feline whiskers and paint a black spot at the tip of your nose to complete the transformation.

The Zombie

For this costume you might need to buy some prosthetics and some zombie make-up but you can also be creative and make your own. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to the make up, so just have fun playing with it, you can never go wrong. Wear a tattered dress and walk on barefoot with a shuffling gait.

The Sexy Librarian

For this Halloween idea you will need: your black dress, a pair of big horn-rimmed glasses and some gray or white hair color spray. Spray your hair with white or gray hair color then pull it up into a bun. If you want to go for the sexy librarian, keep your look prim and proper and cut your black dress short, then wear fishnets and high heels.