Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes, it’s wiser to think up of last-minute Halloween costume ideas than running to the store to find out that you’ve got only limited options. Not only are last-minute Halloween ideas convenient, but they are also cost-effective, creative, and fun! Your house can be a treasure for Halloween costume materials such as old clothing and accessories – so when you have no time to spare, it’s time to put your creativity and resources to use!


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Ideas for Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Transform into an Alley Cat

This last-minute idea will look like it took a week to make! This costume can be put together with a minimum amount of time and a maximum amount of creativity – making you the stealthiest cat on the block.

Cat ears

  • Black construction paper (or white paper)
  • Black magic marker
  • Headband
  • Glue

To make cat ears, cut out two diamond shapes from the black construction paper. If you don’t have black, use white paper and color in the black of the inner ears. Next, fold them in half and glue them together to make triangles. Fix them onto a headband using glue.

Cat Tail

  • Old black t-shirt
  • Sewing kit
  • Fabric glue
  • Belt

For the tail, use an old black t-shirt. Tear off a three- to four-inch wide strip and then stretch it. When you stretch knits, they naturally roll. Encourage the rolling by adding glue to the center and then squeezing the length of fabric together to hold the roll. If one strip is not enough, make several strips and whip stitch them in place or use fabric glue. Attach the tail to a belt loop

Cat Claws

  • Fake nails
  • Nail polish/paint in either green, red, or black

Cat Body

  • A black top paired with black jeans,
  • A black leotard and tights, or
  • A black one-piece bathing suit and tights.


  • Green eye shadow
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Black eye-liner (extend your upper lash line to curve upward, and you should be able to create a cat-eye)
  • Mascara (whisk them onto the apples of your cheeks to create whiskers). If you don’t like/have mascara, you can also use an eyebrow pencil or black water color paint.

Backpedal to the ’70s

Get a blast from the past by making a last-minute costume inspired from the 1970s! Everything you need is in your closet and in the kitchen, so get out those shades and start going back in time!

‘70s Shirt & Vest

  • Two disposable, old solid-colored t-shirts
  • Bleach stick
  • Scissors

Use the bleach stick to create any ‘70s design on the t-shirt. A few suggestions would be a peace sign and words that characterize the period e.g. “cool”.
Next, toss the shirt into the wash. The bleach should have effectively removed the color of the fabric, and your message should be now readable.
As for the vest, simply cut off the sleeves of one shirt.

Any strip of fabric will do, different colors and designs will work.


We recommend bell-bottoms to pair up with your shirt and headpiece.


  • For girls, a pair of huge hoop earrings will add an accent to your costume. Either wear your hair down or braid it (don’t forget: it should be parted in the middle!).
  • For boys, you can achieve a wild look by teasing or curling your hair!
  • To complete the look, put on a pair of sunglasses!
  • If there’s an old shirt lying around that’s no longer needed, carefully cut the sleeves off at the shoulders to create a vest. A pair of sunglasses completes the look.

Instant Red Riding Hood

Watch out for the big bad wolf! This costume is simple to make in a matter of seconds.


  • A red hoodie
  • A red skirt


  • Picnic basket
  • Loaf of bread
  • Small stuffed wolf (optional)

Five-Minute Zombie

Finally, a costume idea that doesn’t need brains to do (seems like the zombies have taken them)! Let your kids join you in making this fun costume.


  • Old, disposable clothing
  • Mud or dirt

Have the children take out your clothes you’ve given up for Zombiehood and let them stomp on it in the dirt. For more effect, have them create tears or holes in your clothing. This is guaranteed to generate a lot of fun.

Zombie Face

  • Dark eye shadow: simply surround the eyes to create a hollow look.
  • Tousle and tease hair to look wild – and dead.
  • A few brushes of dark colored make up will accent the “hollowness” of your cheeks and jawbone.