Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Today, most parents would opt to go to a store to buy their children Halloween costumes rather than making them. Although it is undeniable that it requires less effort and more convenience, creating homemade costumes are better for the following reasons: it boosts creativity, it is less expensive, and it is a great way for parents and children to bond. So without further adieu, we present our top ten list of homemade Halloween costumes for kids.


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Top 10 Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

Space Invader

Space invaders made in the comfort of your own kitchen! Simply gather swimming goggles (for high-tech night vision), egg cartons (for his space suit), and foam cups (for his helmet). Lend him your cookie press for his weapon and you’ll find your space ranger conquering the neighborhood.

Mademoiselle Butterfly

Turn your darling into a butterfly with hand-stitched wings made of felt. You can also opt for wings made of steel wire and panty hose. Pair this with black top and pants, and a pipe-cleaner antennae attached to a headband. It’ll only be a matter of seconds before your darling blooms into a social butterfly.

Rose Costume

See your child blossom with this simple costume design. Use crepe paper, wire, and floral tape to create a rose that fits snugly on the head. Pair with a green outfit.

Magician Costume

Transform your young one into a magician with a drawn-on tie and collar, a fake carnation, and a cape made from black and red satin fabric.

Halloween Masks

Anything ranging from preserved leaves to feathers can be used to create a unique mask. This costume is playful and elegant, and it is perfect for children who aren’t fussy about Halloween costumes.


Get creative with this costume using brown-paper grocery and trash-compactor bags! These can be used for his chest, legs, and arms. If your child also wants a horse as well, make a horse head out of grocery bags and attach them to the head of a mop!

Devil Horns

This is a simple piece that’ll have people smiling mischievously. Just attach a pair of horns made of any material (use your imagination!) to a headband.


You don’t even need to dress your child up from head to toe! In this case, your child’s hair is the only part that matters. Groom his hair to resemble a patch of grass. Dye his hair green with spray-on dye, and add plastic critters for the final touch.

Pillowcase Pumpkin

This costume can be made in a matter of two hours! Use an ordinary orange pillowcase, cut holes for the head and arms, and get funky in designing your little pumpkin!

Hula Dancers

Not the scariest idea of the lot, but definitely one of the cutest. To make leis, use vibrantly colored gift bows. For the skirt, use rope-style mop heads. Lastly, if your child also wants a ukulele, you can make one out of recycled cardboard cereal boxes, attached with rubber bands (strings) and a paper towel tube (neck).