Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

When Halloween rolls around, it is most likely the parents who are busy choosing and making their little ones’ Halloween party costume – yet who said only children can enjoy dressing up for the holiday? Why don’t you try making a homemade Halloween costume and save some. No need to spend a lot just to come up with a spooky and creepy Halloween party costumes. Here we a have a list of Halloween costume ideas for adults – and how you add your own personal touch in making them.

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Ideas for Homemade Halloween Costume for Adults

Fortune Teller Costume

This costume is so easy to make, you’ll be able to see your future in this costume in a matter of minutes!
To make the skirt, get 10 separate squares or fabric; you can add or subtract squares according to your taste. Take one square, pinch it in the center, and tie the twill tape (this will be the belt that will hold up all the fabric) at around 1 inch from the center. Do the same with the remaining squares, leaving 2 inches of space in between.

For your headpiece, fold a square diagonally. Wrap this around your head (right at your forehead), gather at the back, and secure using a safety pin. You can also clip it to your hair.
You can also tie a cotton skirt over another skirt that is slightly shorter. Pair this combination with tights and a white long-sleeved blouse. Next, add a cinch leather belt around the waist (or layer a narrow belt over a wider one).

To complete the look, put on a necklace (you can also place one on your forehead), and drape a shawl over your shoulders.

Beekeeper Costume

Have them buzzing with this creative costume. Simply don a painter’s coveralls, a long tulle veil (to guard jealous people from stinging your lovely face), and a straw hat.

Mustache on a Stick

Sweep through the neighborhood like a gentleman! Make a simple mustache out of fake fur and a black stick.

Mummy Costume

Get wrapped in the Halloween spirit by being mummified! Using ingredients from your kitchen (ranging from green food coloring to tissue paper), get creative and funky in turning yourself into a zombie!

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

This easy-to-make homemade costume will surely get the children crying at the sight of stuffed toys! Visit a toy store near you and buy a variety of stuffed dogs and cats. Next, sew them onto a sturdy umbrella and watch at how much attention you’ll get by strutting with this fancy prop in boots and a raincoat.

Bird-Watcher Costume

This costume is perfect for mothers who need a break from looking after their little owls this Halloween! Pair brown pants with a safari-style jacket, and complete the look by wearing a pair of binoculars to watch where the little ones are up to.

Spiderweb Costume

Spiders and cobwebs is a great idea for a Halloween costume. Using a roll of white or ivory cheesecloth, create your web by spreading it out, snipping the ends, and pulling it apart. Next, attach plastic spiders (the size is up to you) using hot glue.

Bird’s Nest

Your hair can be host to birds which lay mysterious eggs! First, attach Spanish moss (available in most craft stores) to a cotton skullcap using hot glue. Next, attach miniature plastic quail eggs. Finally, wear the hat and secure the position of your chosen bird; once you find the right position for it to nest in, remove and secure.

Umbrella Bats

Perfect for those who don’t know how to create costumes without a needle! To make bat wings: find an unusable umbrella, cut it in half, and use different supplies to attach it to the arms and back. Then add supplies, which you can easily get from your closet, the crafts store, the supermarket, and the thrift shop, to your costume!

Hair Mice and an Ear Mouse

Similar to the Bird’s Nest, these pests are about to run wild on your head! First, clean the skin’s surface and don’t put on moisturizer before attaching these critters. Second, use a skin-safe adhesive. To create the illusion of an infested head, impale each mouse with the flat side of the bobby pin and then secure the pin to your head. Get creative on how these rodents play with your hair!

If you want to take it a step further, introduce a mouse in your ear! First, cut a soft rubber mouse in half (crosswise). Then mold two pieces of swimmer’s earplug wax into your ears; once they’re comfortable to put in, attach to each half of the mouse.

Bubble Wrap Jellyfish

Elegant and simple are the characteristics of this costume. You can swim your way across the neighborhood by simply wear white clothing and use a clear umbrella. To add the finishing touches, attach strips of bubble wrap and iridescent cellophane on the insides of your umbrella; these will be your tentacles.

Leg Crawlers

This costume is guaranteed to send chills up the spine – and legs. Attach rubber cockroaches (or any insect of your choice) to your legs using eyelash glue or peel-off adhesive squares. Simply remove the critters by following the package directions of the adhesive you used.

Fly Glasses

This is perfect for people who want to sacrifice their old eyeglasses – and vision – in the name of Halloween. Just trap a plastic fly between your lens and eyeball using superglue, and watch as people eye you (or rather, the insect) differently.