Homemade Halloween Costume for Girls

Halloween is just around the corner, and you and your darling tween still haven’t decided on what costume she’ll wear – no need to look further as we have listed five Halloween costumes for girls that are fun, homemade, and easy to wear! These ideas for Halloween costumes for girls are easy to make and affordable – no need to spend lots of money just to get your girl ready for Halloween trick or treat. Read on and hope these homemade girl’s Halloween costume ideas will fit your needs.


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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Pirate Costume

Who said only boys can be pirates? Make your tween ready to loot all the candy in town by dressing her up as a pirate. This costume is easy on the budget and easy to assemble.

Country Girl Costume

Grab a few items from your closet and throw in a few make-up, and your tween is ready to go! Dresses with checkered and clean prints works wonders, and ponytails and braids can make girls seem innocent and natural – just like the countryside!

Miss America Costume

For girls who simply can’t resist the limelight! Grab a formal dress, hairspray, jewelry, and customize a homemade sash and you’ll turn your princess into Miss America for the day. Don’t forget to tell her to smile her best, and, of course, to wish for world peace.

Housewife Costume

Sometimes it’s fun to recreate the stereotype of the typical mom in her bathrobe and slippers, with curlers in her hair. Although we know housewives aren’t really dressed this way, it’ll be fun for your child to act like one for a day. To add emphasis to the outfit, add a prop or two that she can easily carry around the neighborhood e.g. a plastic mug mom uses every morning.

Fortune Teller Costume

If you have a lot of clothes and plastic jewelry, then putting together a fortune teller costume would require no effort at all! Perfect for extroverted girls who don’t mind socializing; your bubbly tween certainly wouldn’t mind travelling around the neighborhood, handing out tarot cards, and predicting the future.

Roman Goddess Costume

This costume is perfect for girls who have royalty in their blood – and in their imagination! This easy-to-make Halloween costume is made up of house supplies; simply cut and sew white sheet into a toga and tie it at the waist. Remember to cut it at a length your tween is comfortable walking in, and don’t forget – sandals are a must!

Chef Costume

Even chefs have the right to come out of their kitchens and celebrate this Halloween! Easy to assemble and comfortable to wear, the chef costume may be the best choice for your daughter. Better yet, if she wants to make a good impression, give her some homemade goodies to distribute to her friends and you’ll be surprised how much your little chef is proud to receive so many compliments!