Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

Teens are at the age when they are exploring their identity – and choosing what they want to be is one of them! This Halloween, help them explore various ways for self-expression by sharing these great Halloween costume ideas with him or her – not only does this guarantee an opportunity for you to bond, but also a way for your teen to get creative! The costume ideas we have provided also have instructions on how to make them.


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Ideas for Halloween Costume for Teens

We’ve sorted out our ideas into twelve categories (thirteen would be bad luck!), so browse through to find out which type of costume you and your teen are most interested in:

  • Back to School:
  • Back to Black
  • Food & Beverages
  • Classic/Traditional
  • Carnival


Costumes based on school are quite interesting – provided that you give your character a Halloween twist. Among the most popular are zombie nerds, lifeless schoolgirls, and dead cheerleaders. These three costumes are easy to make, and its materials are easy to find:

Zombie Nerds

  • Option 1: Pair a red shirt and red sweats with a bowtie, suspenders, and 3D glasses.
  • Option 2: Pick out either shorts, capris, or skirt for your bottom. Attach suspenders, then wear hair in one or two ponytails. Pair this outfit with high socks and shoes of your choice. Top off with black makeup, and fake blood on your body and face.

Lifeless Schoolgirls

  • Option 1: Wear a short plaid skirt and a white uniform shirt. Pair with leggings. Color your face green, and draw scars and scratches using black and red make-up.
  • Option 2: You can also use a white shirt with short jacket. Prop up the collar. Wear this with half leggings and knee length white socks. For stained blood, paint on red nail polish. For dripping blood, simply use lipstick. Finish with black heels or flats.
  • Option 3: Wear a blue vest over an old white shirt, then pair this with a black skirt, messy hair, and fake blood.

Zombie Cheerleader

  • Option 1: Choose a tight shirt of any color and a short pencil skirt. Combine this with cute eye-makeup and a high ponytail.
  • Option 2: Tear up an old cheerleader uniform, and use make-up to color yourself gray and to create fake blood dripping from your mouth.


Black symbolizes darkness, so it’s no wonder Halloween is associated with such a color! These costume ideas guarantee that your tween will look fashionable while celebrating in this classic Halloween color. Choose between being a Devil’s Angel, a Gothic Rocker, a Girl Ninja, or an Emo.

  • Devil’s Angel: Stick to a black or red dress, and pair it off with a black halo (you can color one using paint), black make-up, black nail polish, and a choker – oh, and did we also mention to include black boots?
  • Gothic Rocker: Simply don black tights (better if fishnet), a purple or black t-shirt, either a tight skirt or skinny jeans, and flat tennis shoes. For the hair and face, put on dark make-up and attach different-colored extensions to your locks.
  • Girl Ninja: Wear a black mini-skirt with black leggings, and tie any strip of shiny black material to your waist. For your weapon, take a stick and fully wrap it in black duct tape. Finally, attach a ninja star to your chest .
  • Emo: The popular side bangs hairdo will do the trick. Add a black t-shirt, skinny jeans, and high tops. Choker necklaces and bracelets with spikes are highly recommended. If you want variation, dye hair in different colors.
  • Goth Fairy: Your usual fairy – in black. Wear a black dress, black leggings, and a black hair wig. Top with a dark purple headband and of course, dark wings.


These halloween costumes are easy to make and delicious to look at! Choose from the assortment of food and drink items that’ll have your mouth watering.
Pepsi: Using a dark blue pillowcase, sew it onto a dress. Next, paint on the Pepsi logo using red, blue, and white paint. For the final touch, write PEPSI and 350 ML on the bottom right corner.

  • French Fries: Take two display boards and tape them together using tape. Paint with red. For the fries, buy Styrofoam rectangles and paint them yellow; you can even add real salt to make it appear more realistic. Once the paint has dried, glue the French fries to the box and write MCDONALDS at the front. Top it off with ketchup packets and straps to hold it in place.
  • Candy Corn: Combine a white witch’s hat, orange sweats, and a plain or glittery yellow shirt. Pair this with flip flops, paint your finger and toe nails orange, and wear white eye shadow.
  • Grapes: You need an all-purple outfit, from shirt to shoes. Next, blow up purple balloons and tape, tie, or glue them to your clothing. For the stem, wear a green baseball cap.
  • Donuts: Take inflatable intertubes, and spray paint this first in brown (for the dough). For the icing and sprinkles, use different spray paint colors. To complete it, attach rainbow suspenders with duct tape.
  • Candy Girl: Wear any bright colored clothing, and paste a picture of a candy and its logo to your body. Add candy to your hair by securing it with pins. Finish outfit with knee-high socks or tights.
  • Walking Picnic: Cut the top off a pizza box. Paste green paper on the inside of the box (this is your grass), and carefully paste a small plaid cloth table in the center (for your picnic blanket). Next, paste plastic food and ants. To make this costume wearable, simply cut a hold in the middle and attach suspender straps to make it more secure.
  • Pizza: Or if you don’t want to be a picnic, you can just design a piece of cardboard to look like a pizza (get creative in your materials). Then simply glue it to your clothing.
  • Jelly Beans: Blow up mini-balloons of different colors, and attach these to a large bag of any material, provided that you can fit in it. Next, recreate the jelly-bean logo and make a jellybean hat with the same type of balloons.


The classic Halloween costumes haven’t died out yet, and they’ve been around for centuries! Stick to this safe theme to ensure that your tween will have fun being a witch, zombie, pumpkin, gypsy, vampire, or mummy for a night.

  • Witch: Option 1: Wear a long black dress and a witches hat. Put on black mascara and eyeliner, and finish the outfit with a spider necklace. Option 2: Simple combine a black cloak, hat, or broom.
  • Zombie: Rip an old t-shirt apart and stain it with fake blood. Use makeup to enhance ghoulishness of face, put on blood, and mess your hair up.
  • Pumpkin: Put on a short orange dress, green leggings, and a green wig.
  • Gyspy: Don a floor length skirt, a simple blouse, and heels. Then add make-up, jewelry, and a deck of cards.
  • Vampire: Wear a short free-size tutu, a tank top, leggings, and a tiny hat. Complete with fake fangs and black mascara.
  • Mummy: Make use of Mommy’s old sheets by simply wrapping it around the body. Top it off with white and black face paint that enhances your ancient face.


Who said Halloween isn’t any fun? These two ideas are inspired by carnivals…which can also be a venue for much spookiness and fear! Recreate either the clown or a doll costume, and let your tween scare the fun out of people!

  • Clown: Simply wear a clown wig with a swimcap underneath. Pair with a fake nose, creepy clown make-up, pajamas, and a robe.
  • Doll: Combine a poofy blue skirt with a white tee and stripped socks. Make-up should be exaggerated and errie, but must resemble a doll e.g. bright pink circles around the apples of the cheek, dramatic eyelashes, and too-thin lips.