Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Reality is your little toddler won’t stay adorable forever, so every holiday is an opportunity to capture their cuteness while it’s still there! Halloween is one event you shouldn’t miss, and have your toddler be part of the celebration by dressing them up in cute and functional costumes. Toddlers are quite active, so consider costumes that have bottoms that are easy to remove during bathroom breaks. Furthermore, masks are not recommended because it restricts a child’s peripheral vision – which may be agitating for your little one. Whether you decide to create or purchase your own costume, we have plenty of creative ideas you can choose from.

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Ideas for Kids Halloween Costumes


Along with the rise of Hollywood superhero blockbusters emerges a new interest in superheroes among children today. You can develop your costume based on the superhero your toddler loves. Two of the most popular easy-to-make costumes are based on superheroes, Superman and Batman.
For Superman, take a blue-colored shirt and make an “S” on a triangle on the chest. Next, put on blue pants and add bright red underwear. For the final touch, add a red cape.

For Batman, use a black t-shirt and pants. Make a bat from gold-colored felt or material and attach it to the chest. Add a black cape. Lastly, for Batman’s ears, take a craft wire, fold it to create ears, then cover it in black fabric and tie it to your toddler’s head and under the chin. You can color in Batman’s face with make-up.

If your toddler is a girl, you can switch the pants for a skirt and you’ll have Supergirl or Batgirl!

Princesses, Fairies and Ballerinas

Simply the easiest to find in a costume store for Halloween! You can also make this costume to add a personal touch. Sequined tutus, dress-up dresses, dress shoes, tiaras, and tights are a few of the glamorous things you can dress your darling toddler in. We recommend a wand for a princess or fairy, and pink ballet slippers for the ballerina. Complete this costume by cleanly tying up your child’s hair in a bun or use clips for an elegant hairdo.

Food: Candy and Lollipops

It is one thing to make them adorable – but it is also another to make them delicious to look at! Food is a fun theme to play around with, and fits well with the Halloween spirit! Dress them up as candy using a long t-shirt or pillowcase and recreate candy labels. If you choose the pillowcase, simply cut holes for the head and arms. If your toddler wants to be a lollipop, cut a hole in a big cardboard circle (for the face) and paint bright red, white, green, and yellow swirls on it. Next, secure the mask with elastic attached to the back of the head, and make a collar out of cellophane. Tie a wide ribbon at the top to hold it in place. To complete the look, use face paints to blend the face in with the swirls and make his or her body into the lollipop stick by dressing him or her up in white shirt and pants.

Animals and Bugs

Undeniably one of the easiest (and cutest) costumes to make! Using a single color shirt, pants, pajamas, or jumpsuits, add spots or stripes with washable markers to make any animal you want (don’t worry, it’ll wash away eventually). For bird-lovers, you can dress your toddler in yellow, add wings made from any material (we recommend cardboard and craft feathers), and a feather hat. If you want your toddler to be on all fours (think bears, cats, bunnies, dogs, etc), start with the ears: simply cut them out from craft foam or construction paper and attach them to a headband. Lastly, to make a simple busy bee or elegant ladybug, just attach pipe cleaners and little pom poms to a headband.

Random Items

If you want your toddler to stand out from the crowd, rack your brains for something creative – like random items! Dressing them up as game dice tops our list, and it is easy to make! Simply take a box, cut holes for the head and arms, and design with paint. A Q-Tip is also a cute tip (pun intended), and this can be made with white pants and shirt. Complete it by surrounding the head with cotton batting.
Cellphones are also popular as well: like the game dice, take a box and paint or draw on buttons on the body. Next, use another box for the head – this will be the screen. Secure this headpiece with elastic around the back of the head.

Whatever you choose to create, be sure to have fun with your little one as you celebrate the day with Halloween spirit!