Valentine’s Day throughout the World

February 14 has been marked as a special day for everyone in the world. It is the time to celebrate love among us, not only for couples, but also for families, friends and colleagues. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing our love for one another. Different cultures have different ways in observing Valentine’s Day but there are also a lot of traditions that are common to us all.


“The Birds’ Wedding Day” is one of the alternative names of Valentine’s Day because a long time ago, it was believed that birds find their match during the 14th day of February of every year. This belief greatly influenced the tradition of dating during Valentine’s Day. As you look at your surroundings, love is truly in the air as you see hundreds of couples going on dates during February 14. People with no partners try to find their matches prior to Valentine’s Day. When they do, they also go on dates during Love Day.


Like on Christmas, on New Year, and on any other special occasion, everybody greets their loved ones “Happy Valentine’s Day!” during the 14th day of February. Gone are the days when people believed Valentine’s Day are only for couples. Now, everybody is taking part during this special day. And by everybody, this means the young and the old, the single or taken. Wishing family and friends Happy Valentine’s Day is an expression of love and a way of sharing love to others as well as receiving love from them.

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Note Giving

It has been an old tradition to give and take handwritten Valentine notes from people that you know. Nowadays, people give Valentine’s Day cards whether the ones you get in bookstores or the ones you get online in the Internet. Valentine’s Day has been one of the times of the year with most cards circulated around the world. This is because everybody wants to express their love to their families, friends, colleagues, mentors, classmates, and special someone. Cards are also excellent partners for present because they can convey your message effectively.

Gift Giving

Giving gifts to the special persons in everybody’s lives has been a strong practice during the Valentine’s season. Gifts are tangible expressions or symbols of love. The most common gifts during this time of the year are stuffed toys; flowers such as roses and tulips; chocolates; sweets; and jewelries.

Valentine’s Day Dinner

Couples choose to have romantic, candlelit dinners during Valentine’s Day. Many of them propose to their partners during this passionate day. Some attend in Valentine’s Day balls and Valentine’s Day Couple’s Parties.
Single persons, on the other hand have their Valentine’s Day Single Parties. They still have a good time with beloved single friends that are there to enjoy and celebrate Love Day.

Valentine’s Day School Parties

Valentine’s Day school parties have been observed by a lot of countries. Students give their classmates and teachers greeting cards and/or gifts during this day. High school students also take part in Valentine’s Day dance parties or balls.