Ramadan Activities for Kids

Ramadan is observed by millions of Muslims around the world. The date of the occasion usually falls on the ninth month of lunar calendar of Islam. When the crescent moon is sighted, it marks the beginning of the Ramadan month. There are various customs and activities being observed during this fortunate holiday.

During Ramadan, people involve themselves in family activities like arts and crafts, puzzles and crosswords.

  • Creating an Islamic Design: Parents can indulge and encourage their kids to create Islamic designs for example, creating a mosque with cardboard papers and minaret, creating a poem or a write-up on Ramadan, making attractive cut outs and designs using attractive fonts and colors.
  • Ramadan Lanterns: Parents can involve kids in creating home-made lanterns especially for this occasion. With a construction paper, crayons and other colors parents can encourage kids to draw lantern shapes and color them vividly. Kids will definitely take an interest in such crafts and they will have their own lantern for Ramadan.
  • Night Sky and Moon Project: Parents can guide kids to trace shapes of moon crescent on blue construction paper. Color the moon with marker and cut out the shape and paste it on a cardstock paper. Kids can then hang out this craft by creating a hole in the cardstock paper and tying it with a ribbon.
  • Ramadan Crosswords, Word Search Puzzles and Word Scrambles: To nurture kids’ intellect, parents are engage kids in puzzles, word search and crosswords which are specially based on Ramadan theme. Many websites offer these different puzzles which are based on Ramadan and Islam and parents can take print outs of the crossword templates and hand them out to the kids. The puzzles include words related to Ramadan and Islam and it is a fun way to learn about the religion.
Free Ramadan Cards
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