Benefits of Ramadan

Muslims observe the month of Ramadan as a period of sacrifice, reflection and devotion. Ramadan as a festival has maintained its spiritual meaning unlike other festivals and religious events that have become commercialized over the years.

The word Ramadan is derived from Arabic words ‘ramida’ or ‘as-ramad’ which meaning scorched ground, parched thirst and heat. These words represent the thirst and hunger experienced by people who fast during this month.

What are the benefits of Ramadan

Muslims believe that by observing Ramadan they will become a better person and they carry out the following activities to improve themselves:

  • Fasting and refraining from desires will help empathizing with those who do not have enough food.
  • Reciting and chanting the sacred passages from the Quran will bring people closer to God.
  • Performing charity will help develop harmonious feelings for those who are underprivileged.
  • Practicing self-control, good manners, speech and good habits will help in conditioning people to develop as a better human being.
  • Changing routines and adopting healthy diets will help in establishing better life styles.
  • Organizing family and community gatherings will strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and bring about a harmonious attitude towards society.

Ramadan is observed for a month but the lessons learnt and experiences shared last throughout the year for the Muslims.