Top 15 Onam Pookalam Designs

Onam Pookalam, is basically a floral design made of flowers and rangoli colors that decorate the houses’ front-yards during Onam festival. Pookalam designs range from simple to complex. Some of the most common Onam Pookalam designs are of king Mahabali, Kathakali, Lord Vishnu, the festive theme, different birds etc. Other popular designs are the cultural dances such as Mohiniyattam and Kathakaki. Apart from these popular and traditional circular designs, people also make geometrical designs for creating Pookalam. Loads of flowers, creativity,dedication, skill and team work are required to make unique, elaborate and fancy Pookalam designs. If you are looking for some good onam pookalam designs 2012 then browse these top 15 pookalam designs for Onam festival 2012.

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Onam Pookalam Design #1
A traditional pookalam design decorated with combination of pink, purple, white and yellow flowers. Beautify by small lamps in the design, this beautiful pookalam conists of intricate kalams.
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