Onam Pookalam Designs Photos and Pictures

Onam festival is known for its colorful festivities and grand celebration. One of the best spectacles of this festival is Onam pookalam . Pookalam is basically an intricate flower arrangement. Onam pookalam holds significant meaning. People believe that King Mahabali visit Kerala every year, hence they lay circular flower arrangement on their to please their beloved King. Pookalam designs come in different types and levels. There are simple onam pookalam designs, while some are very complicated and well-detailed. Here are some of the images of Onam Pookalam which may help you to select a onam pookalam designs for 2012 onam pookalam competition.

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Onam Pookalam Design Photos and Pictures

Pookalam Image 1 Pookalam Image 2
Pookalam Image 3 Pookalam Image 4
Pookalam Image 5 Pookalam Image 6
Pookalam Image 7 Pookalam Image 8
Pookalam Image 9 Pookalam Image 10