Onam Gifts

Onam is the state festival of Kerala and is celebrated in grand fashion and fanfare. On the occasion of Onam, there are grand celebrations, delicious feasts and exchanges of gifts and well wishes. These gifts add to the existing enthusiasm and excitement especially among children who particularly look forward to getting multiple gifts and presents. Several items and things can be presented on Onam though traditional people stick to traditional items such as clothes.

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Exchanging Gifts during Onam Festival

As per tradition, the eldest member of a family should gift all the members in the family with clothes, sweets and other useful items. The large joint families that consist of over a hundred members are called Tarawads. The family head called as Karanwar gives presents to every member of the family on the last day of Onam. Gifts are exchanged among family members, friends and even neighbors.

Onam Gift Ideas

  • Silver Coin

Gifting a silver coin is the most traditional of gifts. The coins usually have images of goddess Lakshmi and God Ganapathy. It is one of the most auspicious gifts for Onam festival.

  • Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry as a gift item is very popular among family members. It is generally given to women. It can be the best gift idea for your female loved ones (i.e mom, sister, and girl friends).

  • Clothes

It is perhaps the most commonly presented gift item during Onam. The elder members usually present traditional clothes to the younger members of their family. People were traditional dresses on the last day of Onam.

  • Home Appliances

Due to the changing society and the urban lifestyle, home appliances have made their way into gift items for Onam festival. People usually like to wear clothes and jewelry of their own choice so gifting an appliance is a safer way to ensure happiness. These items are very useful around the house and people nowadays take pride in owning costly appliances that add to their standard of living.

  • Gadgets

Another fancy item in the list of gifts for Onam is gadgets and is most popular among the youngest generation in the family. Mobile phones, DVD players, laptops, video games etc. are the most common gadgets gifted on Onam. This can be a perfect onam gift idea especially for tech-savvy friends and loved ones.

  • Gift Coupons

Most of the shops and stores provide gift vouchers and coupons that can be given as a present. With the gift coupons, people can buy items of their choice. This onam gift idea is perfect for your wife, friends and other close friends.