Onam Decorations

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Every year, people eagerly wait for the coming of the harvest festival of Onam because it is a cultural festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm, socialization, and lively activities. According to legend, King Mahabali visits every Malayalee household in Kerala to ensure their welfare during the festival of Onam, so houses are kept clean and beautifully decorated during this occasion as a welcome and respect to their king. In time for Onam, use these home decoration ideas to create a beautiful home suitable for King Mahabali’s visit!


Flowers are seen everywhere during the harvest festival of Onam! Aside from decorating your verandah with pookkalam, a beautiful flower arrangement and carpet, you can use flowers to decorate the insides of your home.

  • Although there are many varieties to choose from, any type of flower will do for beautiful flower garlands. We recommend choosing marigold or jasmine. With these garlands, you may choose to decorate the photo frames of deities or hang them at the main door of your house.
  • A flower vase gives life to any room, so create a beautiful living room by placing a flower vase at the center table. Add fresh cut flowers, preferably those with a lively scent and color. Always change the flowers daily.

Home Decorations Ideas for Onam

  • Dining area: place a beautiful centerpiece such as a fruit basket on the dining table. Include fruit that your guests can munch on after dining on the delicious Onam feast.
  • Replace old mats and table cloths with new or newly laundered ones. You may choose a floral design or print to suit the theme of the festival.
  • Although the decoration for the bedroom depends on who owns and needs it, it is important to keep the room well-ventilated and airy. Change the bedspread and throw in a couple of throw pillows to freshen up the place.
  • Add music to your home by adding wind chimes at every divider at your home! The divider of your living room and dining room makes for the perfect location for a wind chime – just make sure that the wind passes through the spot you’ve chosen.
  • Curtains should be light and airy. Cotton curtains in different pastel colors are perfect for the occasion. If you’re stuck on color, choose a shade of green, blue, or off-white. Combine this with a wall-color in a shade of white or yellow.
  • You can also add color to your home by using balloons and streamers as decorations! Hang balloons from a ceiling fan or attach a small banner with the word ONASHAMSAKAL on the main door.