Thumbi Thullal

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Thumbi Thullal is another popular folk dance being performed as part of the celebration of Onam – the festival of harvest. This is a dance with singing performance dominantly performed by all women members. While men are into energetic activities, women share with the fun by performing Thumbi Thullal.

Costume for Thumbi Thullal

Women wear sarees as their costume for the performance. They are accessorized with stunning jewelries and adorned with aromatic gajras.

The Dance Performance

The dance starts with the circle formation of the performers. On the middle of the circle, this is where the lead dancer will sit. The lead singer will then initiate the song – starting her first couplet. The song will then be taken by the other performers. The song will be sung in sequence where the lead performer starts the first couplet and followed by the others. This sequence is accompanied with joyful clapping that goes in rhythm.