Christmas in Kerala

Christmas is celebrating all over the world irrespective of language, country and Culture. People across the world celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the height of mercy who even in the crucified condition, prayed to forgive the people who have crucified him. As the Christianity has spread, the Christmas also spread all over the world. The celebration of Christmas varies from place to place and culture to culture. This is because the Christian missionaries have adopted the local culture in order to spread the religion fast.

Here I will give a brief introduction about Christmas celebration in Kerala. Kerala is a tiny state in India and speaks Malayalam. It considered one of the most educated states in India and sometimes they consider it as state with 100% literacy. The Christian are dominant people in southern states of Kottayam, pattanamthtta and Kollam and normally they also known as Achanyans. Here I will briefly write about the Christmas and its traditions in Kerala

By the start of December the Christmas carol groups will start visiting the houses of Christians in each parish and to sing the Carols. There are lot beautiful carol songs are available in Malayalam. However, the dominant one is our good old dingle bell.

Another special thing in Kerala and in India is the Christmas stars for Christmas. Outside of the house, People will hang beautiful star with lamp. This star you can find not only in Christian houses but also in other religion people’s houses, who is respecting and believing on Jesus.

Almost all Christian houses will have the Christmas tree and Christmas crib known as pulkoodu  for the Christmas.  There will be big pulkood in churches and Orphanages run by churches. And On Christmas day night there will special Prayers and on Christmas day there will Christmas lunch.