Planning a Halloween Party

halloween-partyHalloween is here! This is a time when people start getting busy planning a Halloween party for kids and adults. It’s time to break the notion that arranging a Halloween party takes a lot of magical effort – that is only if you plan everything accordingly. Proper organization and planning are the keys to ensure that nothing will get in the way of your Halloween party’s success! Here we provide a few Halloween party ideas will help you organize the best Halloween party in the neighborhood!

How to Plan for a Halloween Party

Planning is what makes organizing a party fun! You must be careful with preparations, such as making a guest list, deciding on the venue, setting the date and time for the party, designing the invitations (and giving them out), arranging the refreshments and party games, decorating the house, and – the most important – making your own funky Halloween costume!

  • Making a Guest List – and Checking it Twice!
  • Where, When, and What
  • Spellbinding Halloween Invitations
  • Creepy Refreshments
  • Spooky Halloween Party Games
  • Chilling Décor
  • Picking Out Your Halloween Costume

Making a Guest List – and Checking It Twice!

Let’s face it – you wouldn’t want to exclude anyone out of the fun, but the reality is that people also have their own time and priorities. So make sure your potential guests will be at your party by asking them if they’re available on the given time and date! Invitations with a RSVP can help keep track of the number of people who will turn up at your party, and this will determine how much food, refreshments, party favors, etc. you need to prepare. It would certainly pay to check your guest list twice!


Where, When, and What

When considering the location, date, and time for your party, you should take into account the convenience, age group, and the accessibility to the guests. If you have a lot of children coming over, invite their parents and your friends for a fun clean-up after the party.

Spellbinding Halloween Invitations

It is always the unique invitations that make a big impact on guests, so make sure they’ll appreciate your by adding your own personal touch! To add a Halloween feel, haunted houses and tombstones are great ideas for designing the perfect invitation – don’t forget to add droplets of blood on them! Mail or personally deliver the invitations at least two weeks beforehand. To check up on the availability of your guests, give them a follow-up call or include your contact details so they can inform you whether they are going or not. Lastly, if you have a theme and a dress code, specify it on your invitation so that guests have plenty of time to prepare.

Creepy Halloween Food

Refresh your refreshments and party by adding a little spookiness in them! Plastic insects (spiders, bugs, cockroaches, etc), lizards, snakes, and spider webs can be added to the refreshment table to add a ghoulish feel on your refreshment table. Different-colored ice cubes can also add a lot of color to the drinks – and to the party!


Norma ll decorations or themes for Halloween foods are mummifying, body parts, insects etc. You can get wonderful Halloween recipes on internet

Spooky Halloween Party Games

Every successful party has games! Make your Halloween party games something to remember by turning the venue into a creepy place for fun; add different light effects to heighten visual sensations, use different props, and pitch in scary stories from time to time to keep your guests on their toes!

Tell Scary Stories, told around a bonfire decorated with skeletons and other scary things (or fireplace, or heck, just a candle) that will give party guests a pleasant nightmares!

ca. 1995, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA --- Skeletons sits at a dining room table during a Halloween party at the home of William Joyce, well-known children's writer and illustrator. --- Image by © Philip Gould/CORBIS

ca. 1995, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA — Skeletons sits at a dining room table during a Halloween party at the home of William Joyce, well-known children’s writer and illustrator. — Image by © Philip Gould/CORBIS

Chilling Halloween Décor

You can easily manipulate the atmosphere by using various visual effects and props. Place a fog machine in a strategic location to create an aura of mysteriousness, and use thermocol tombstones and skeletons to add a chilling effect. You can also strategically place Jack-O-Lanterns and plastic meat slabs all over the place, or hang spiders, webs, and bats around the windows. Finally, complete this set-up by throwing in some scary music and sound effects for more emphasis!

Picking Our Your Halloween Costume

Costumes can either be hand-made or store bought. Whatever you choose, don’t let anything stop you in becoming the character you’ve always wanted to become – and don’t let anyone either!