Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

If you’re tired of the same old way of delivering Halloween invitations to your guests, use your imagination in creating an innovative way to let them know they’re invited! Let’s face it: manufactured Halloween party invitation greetings bought at the store are too boring, expensive, and may not even suit your party theme! So devise your own way such as changing the way they get to your guests (through the window, perhaps?) or changing the form of the invitation itself (why not paperless).

Ideas for Halloween Party Invitations

Whatever you decide upon, just make sure the guests receive the message loud and clear. Here are some very interesting, creative, and inexpensive ideas to invite your guests over to your Halloween party:

  • Lollipop Ghosts
  • To Hogwarts and Beyond!
  • Batty Invites
  • Pumpkin Madness

Halloween Party Invitation Idea #1 – Lollipop Ghosts

One thing’s for sure – you certainly can’t eat these cute invitations! Here are the instructions in making these simple, adorable invites.


  • A thin felt-tip black marker
  • Thin black ribbon
  • A lollipop stick
  • White handkerchief


  1. First, take the white handkerchief and using the black marker, write the details of your party (venue, Date, time, theme, host, etc) on the edges.
  2. Next, drape the handkerchief on the lollipop stick and arrange it so it looks like a ghost.
  3. Fasten the handkerchief to the lollipop by tying the black ribbon around the “neck” of your ghost (make sure the handkerchief doesn’t budge).
  4. To complete the look, color in its eyes and presto! It is ready to be hand-delivered.

Halloween Party Invitation Idea #2 – To Hogwarts and Beyond!

The magic of the Harry Potter series certainly won’t die anytime soon! Since Harry Potter uses a special map to get out of Hogwarts, you can also use his discovery to lure guests out of their homes!


  • Parchment paper
  • Red marker
  • Black marker
  • Invisible ink
  • Plastic owls that have claws


  1. Take the parchment paper and on one side, write “Marauder’s Map”.
  2. Draw a map of your house or venue interiors on the same side.
  3. Scatter red dots to mark all the invited guests that you’ve confirmed will be going. If they know each other, you can also write the names of the guests next to the red dots.
  4. Next, flip it over and write the details of your party in invisible ink. Then using a black marker, write the instructions on how to read the hidden message on the top of the paper.
  5. To add the final touch, roll this invitation, attach it to the claws of a plastic owl, and perch it on the mailbox of your chosen guest!

Halloween Party Invitation Idea #3 – Batty Invites

This invitation is easy to create, and suits even the most simplest of Halloween parties.


  • Scissors
  • Colored marker or pen (red is recommended)
  • Black construction paper


  1. Cut out bats from the black construction paper.
  2. Write your Halloween message in colored ink, and place them in envelopes.
  3. Better yet, create matching envelopes to complete your batty motif.

Halloween Party Invitation Idea #4 – Pumpkin Madness

An invitation that is suitable for any Halloween party theme! Almost anyone can associate Halloween with Pumpkins, therefore making your task at designing them quite easy!


  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Orange construction paper


  1. Cut out the orange construction paper into the shape of pumpkins or Jack-O-Lanterns.
  2. Outline the pumpkin using a black marker.