Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

Chinese New Year in the Eyes of Kids

Preschoolers enjoy the idea of Chinese New Year, whether or not they are Chinese. For them it is a lively, multicolored, and cool party. It is helpful if you let them understand this event more so that they can start being open to different cultures in their young age. Keep in mind to teach them according to their level of understanding.

Craft Making

Craft Making is not only fun for preschoolers but it also helps them develop their cognitive skills, motor skills, and social skills. Through this interactive and creative way of teaching, lessons can retain longer in the preschoolers’ minds. Their “inner artist” will also grow at this early stage of childhood.

Educating these kids about big stuff like Chinese New Year could be a difficult process. Preschoolers cannot comprehend complicated stuff such as this topic. Craft Making can make the teaching process much easier and more interesting.

Sample Projects


During the Chinese New Year, “Yuan” or money is placed inside a tiny red envelope and is given out to Chinese children. This activity allows the preschooler to learn that there are other currencies in the world.

Steps in Making:

1. Pass around pictures of real Chinese money and let the kids see them.2. Distribute small-sized papers, colored pens, and crayons.3. Ask them to imagine and create their own “Yuan” using the provided materials.4. When they are done making their own version of the Chinese money, distribute plain white envelopes and red coloring materials.5. Instruct them to color their envelopes red.6. Encourage to take their own “Yuan” home and show it to their respective families on Chinese New Year’s Day.

Chinese New Year Cards

This activity will let the preschoolers learn that there are other languages and alphabets in the world.

Steps in Making:1. Print and cut an image of “Happy New Year!” in Chinese.2. Give a copy of the image to each kid.3. Give one red construction paper to each kid.4. Instruct them to paste the cut out image of the “Happy New Year!” in Chinese to the red construction paper.

5. They may choose to decorate the card using coloring materials.



To the Chinese, dragons are symbols of power, energy, and luck. In this activity, the preschoolers use their imagination and creativity to make their own dragons since there are no actual dragons that they can imitate.

Steps in Making:1. Distribute dragon-shaped construction papers for the kids to draw on to. Or you can just give out plain brown paper bags to let them make dragon puppets.2. Provide glue, markers, and strips of construction papers.3. Allow the children to work their imaginative skills in making their dragons.

Chinese Lanterns

The Chinese New Year is never complete without the Lantern Festival. Allow your preschoolers to experience this event by making their own lanterns without dealing with real fire.

Steps in Making:

1. Give each child a paper bag and let them paint it red.2. Help them cut stylish holes on the paper bag.3. Give each child yellow or orange paper to crumple.4. Instruct them to put the crumpled papers inside the lantern.5. Staple handles to their lanterns.

6. Have a fun lantern parade in the campus.